Know Your Exit(s)

Keeping Calm and Helping Others During a Campus Crisis By Derek Chartrand Wallace According to a 2014 report titled “Third Uniform California Earthquake Rupture Forecast,” scientists from the U.S. Geological Survey, the Southern California Earthquake Center, and the California Geological Survey estimate that the Hayward Fault Zone (which runs beneath such densely populated areas as Berkeley and Oakland) has a 72 percent chance of a … Continue reading Know Your Exit(s)

Restaurant Review: Laney Bistro

By Adam Mann Laney Bistro, Chef’s Table special: Red snapper with cilantro-lime compound butter, bacon, roasted corn salsa, and summer vegetables. Photo Credit: Adam Mann It seems like a well-kept secret: I’ve lived near Lake Merritt almost four years and have eaten at most of the restaurants, but I’d never heard of or even noticed Laney Bistro. Maybe it has something to do with the … Continue reading Restaurant Review: Laney Bistro

Are Latinx Students Transferring?

Barriers for Berkeley City College’s Largest Community By Edgar J Rosales Latino Leadership Cultural Club at Club Rush, September 2017. Photo Credit: Edgar J Rosales According to the Fact Book listed on the Peralta Community College District’s website, the Hispanic/Latinx community at Berkeley City College has been the highest-enrolled ethnic group of the student population since fall of 2015. One might expect that this fact … Continue reading Are Latinx Students Transferring?

Support Black Business

The Experience of a Black Business Owner in the Bay Area By Doris Kiambati “The new definition of freedom today is self determination,” says prominent entrepreneur John Hope Bryant. History has taught us that Black people in the United States have suffered tremendously under the U.S. government. Black people in the United States have effectively been disenfranchised and disadvantaged; thus affecting Black income per capita … Continue reading Support Black Business

BART: Violence on the Rise

What Riders Need to Know By Hannah Litwin Downtown Berkeley Police Station. Photo Credit: Hannah Litwin On Sept. 16, 2017, Julie Dragland was riding the Dublin/Pleasanton train when she was handed this note: “There are 2 guns pointed at you now. If you want to live hand back your wallet + phone NOW + do not turn around and be descreet [sic]. Do not turn … Continue reading BART: Violence on the Rise

Start a Garden in Your Own Space

Nine Steps to Save the Earth and Eat More Healthily By Nina Cestaro Have you ever wanted the satisfaction of growing your own vegetables and fruits? Gardening your own vegetables may sound difficult, but it’s a lot simpler than you may think. My obsession with growing a vegetable garden began a year ago, when a neighbor started a Richmond garden club. I have attended permaculture … Continue reading Start a Garden in Your Own Space

Balancing School and Work

Students Speak Out By Abbey Kingsbury The view from behind the counter at Saul’s Deli in Berkeley. Photo Credit: Abbey Kingsbury I told myself I would never work in the service industry. Recently, however, I was dining at a local establishment and one of the managers brought me a slice of strawberry rhubarb pie and a job application. I found myself filling it out, handing … Continue reading Balancing School and Work

A Clean, Quiet Place to Study

Favorite Spots in Oakland and Berkeley By Andi Rusk Homework is ironically named. Many students find it incredibly difficult to do homework at home. Thus, God created coffee shops and libraries. However, not all are created equal. When I decided to return to college at the beginning of 2017, I found out it is not always easy to find a decent place to study. Libraries … Continue reading A Clean, Quiet Place to Study

From Mario to Milo

How the Right Wing has Co-opted Berkeley’s Free Speech Movement By Maya Kashima A Milo Yiannopolous supporter engages with onlookers outside the ASUC Student Union following Yiannopolous’ Sept. 24 appearance at Sproul Plaza. Photo Credit: Maya Kashima Generations after its seminal student protests, Berkeley has become the epicenter of a renewed debate over the meaning of freedom of speech. The far-right feels their voices are … Continue reading From Mario to Milo

Making it in the Restaurant Scene

Culinary Arts Programs Prep Students for a Tough Industry By Adam Mann Keeping a restaurant open, especially in the Bay Area, is a tall order. No fewer than 80 restaurants have closed here since December of 2016, according to Eater San Francisco. And while stiff competition amid a renaissance in the Bay Area food scene, rising commercial rent, and the poaching of qualified chefs by … Continue reading Making it in the Restaurant Scene

On the Cover

“Stand Off” by Qadir McCray. McCray captured the image earlier this summer as police fanned across Center St. in Berkeley, Calif. during a political rally, blocking access to City Hall. Qadir McCray was born in Harlem, New York. He studied the fine arts at Pratt Institute in the late 1980s. In 1998, he began studying digital art, multimedia and motion picture production at Berkeley City … Continue reading On the Cover