Believe the Hype

By Patrick Kruger

Photo Credit: Patrick Kruger
Photo Credit: Patrick Kruger

Sliver Pizzeria

2132 Center Street – 1½ blocks from BCC

If you ever stroll up Center Street during the lunch hour, you’ll see them: throngs of people waiting expectantly in a line that snakes several storefronts down the sidewalk. Speaking in reverential tones, fidgeting with anticipation, and the occasional tip-toed peek at that afternoon’s delight, what are they waiting for? A photo opportunity with Justin Bieber? Free, replica Donald Trump tupées? No; it’s just pizza. Although to refer to the exquisitely-crafted circular wonders sliced up by the folks at Sliver Pizzeria as “just pizza” would be inaccurate, and may even constitute blasphemy among the faithful lined up outside.

Sliver uses innovative combinations of high-quality, seasonal ingredients to concoct one type of pizza per day, which is always vegetarian. A recent pie made strange bedfellows of Bulgarian feta cheese and Mexican key limes–a pairing so complimentary that I pulled out a map to make sure I knew where Bulgaria was (I didn’t; it’s above Greece). With the purchase of a slice ($3), an extra half-slice, or sliver, is included. Live music on Friday and Saturday evenings, a full bar, and an inviting dining room make Sliver ideal for a quick lunch or a fun night out.

Added bonus: Sliver maintains one of the cleanest restrooms in Berkeley. So if you’re not that into pizza or hate vegetables, justify this $3 purchase the way I justify my 24 Hour Fitness membership: A clean bathroom is hard to find.

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