Breakfast You’ll Dream About

By Patrick Kruger

The Alameda Breakfast Sandwich: a modern flavor pile. Photo Credit: Patrick Kruger

Sunny Side Cafe

2136 Oxford Street – 2½ blocks from BCC

Just a short walk from campus, The Sunny Side Cafe offers a variety of breakfast classics‒with a few modern twists‒in one of Berkeley’s most charming atmospheres. The signature item, The Alameda, is a gargantuan sandwich that requires a fork and knife, and a serious appetite. Hickory-smoked ham, roasted mushrooms and tomatoes, and Swiss cheese are wedged between two slices of French toast.  But wait… there’s more!  This head-turner is topped with two fried eggs and finished with hollandaise sauce and a drizzle of balsamic reduction. The Alameda is not a light breakfast and at $13.95, it isn’t light on the wallet, either, but it will keep you full until sundown, and remain in your thoughts all night.

Other breakfast delights include omelets, scrambles, and pancakes served with cinnamon-apple-infused syrup. Order at the counter and head upstairs to the charming dining room, or enjoy your coffee and carbs outdoors on one of the patio tables. The Sunny Side Cafe menu even notes ecologically responsible selections, because eggs and ham just taste better when they’re green.

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