Essential All-Day Cafe/Work Space

By Sabrina Aller

Au Coquelet

2000 University Avenue – 2 blocks from BCC

This cafe is a place for people of all feathers and stripes for over 35 years.  You can grab breakfast first thing in the morning, work on your homework in the afternoon, and hang out with your friends at midnight. My favorite thing to do is have my homework out on the table with a full plate of nachos with cheese, jalapenos, and guacamole.

This is where hippies, communists, anarchists, and other Berkeley wingnuts gathered through most of the 90s and mid 2000s. While the times keep a changin’ with the flat screen televisions and free internet, there is still a seat for everybody.  I look back fondly at being 18 and writing here at midnight because they close at 2AM on the weekends or 1:30AM on the weekdays. And if you’re an earlier riser, grab your first latte at 6AM. You can plan to spend around three to four dollars for a beverage and between $7-14 for snacks and entrees.

This is a regular spot for a soy chai latte and a couple hours of homework.

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