The Sanitation Paradigm: How to Use a Toilet Seat Cover

By Charlene Adams

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Photo Credit: Patrick Kruger
Photo Credit: Patrick Kruger

Hey gals and guys, being a participant of any public bathroom is not the most glamorous idea. We all go for different reasons; to wash our hands, brush our hair and teeth, blow and pick our noses, or simply to pass gas. Our choices are limited, so we submit to the familiar territory of the public potty. We take chances; we cross our fingers; we use public restrooms all the time.

Given the consequence of germs, we are mindful. We set our standards high. But many people forget to use the toilet seat protector! The most important factor is to be safe from any germs or bacteria around the toilet bowl. We’re talking about a lot of bacteria. According to a recent article on AOL Lifestyle, there are approximately 3 million bacteria per square inch in most toilet bowls. The toilet water aerosolizes all that bacteria, spewing it 20 feet from the center of the flush. So what is left for the germ-phobic to do? Use the toilet seat protector!

In a recent survey, the BCC Voice asked a diverse group of 25 Berkeley City College students about their usage of the ubiquitous toilet seat cover. Well over half, 18, said they don’t bother, and 7 said they wouldn’t use a public toilet without one.

“I try not to use public restrooms at all,” said one BCC student, who asked to remain anonymous. “Gross.”

Another student, when pressed on this issue, explained that she received sage public restroom wisdom from an elder. “Oh yeah. My mom told me never to sit on the bare seat of a public toilet.”

When interrogated about her bathroom activities, an eco-friendly student admitted, “Not only do I use one, I use five!” Sometimes you have to flush your green sympathies to keep your butt safe.

Perhaps there is no right or wrong way to use a toilet seat cover. Nevertheless, the BCC voice has conducted some thorough research and suggests the following steps:

1. Pull the sheet face up then down and towards you.

2. With a light touch, snap away the middle portion from one or more of its sides. (Optional)

3. Lay the sheet on the entire toilet seat, with the tongue towards the front of the bowl and allow the tongue to fall inside the toilet.

4. Proceed to use the restroom and let nature take its course, followed by an easy flush.


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