Let’s Put Dating Into Action!

By Charlene Adams

Calling all single students! Don’t spend the holidays worried about the next class.


Berkeley City College students are focused on success. We work hard throughout the semester, pushing assignment after assignment, reading one book after another, sweating and stressing to meet our deadlines and keep our GPAs high. While education is our primary goal, some of us desire to share that goal with a companion. Love is in the air this season, and there are many students, young and older, who are dating.

To find out more about the dating scene at Berkeley City College, The BCC Voice asked students, both single and in relationships, about their dating strategies. Do students believe in dating? Do they find the time? How do they meet new people? And what success stories might they be willing to share?           

“I am a freshman here at BCC, fresh out of high school,” said Maricuz, who was shy when asked about dating, “I am leaving my boy crush behind. I find it hard to date and focus on my education, but I will admit that dating is a possibility.” Another student, Sebastian, said that dating and finding his true love gave him the balance and support he needed to cope with his education. Some students broke into grins at even the idea of a date. Many students are open to having relationships; some are looking for a soul mate. Another student, Justin, recently broke up with his girlfriend and now he’s single. He said he really never looks for love; it just finds him.

For other students, they look for love online, with dating sites like Cupid and Tinder. While some students argued that online dating is dangerous because one never knows who is on the other side, others said that it can be a way date with “no strings attached.” These students called online dating, “practical,” “less intimidating,” and “more thrilling.” The chance of meeting the right person may just come from the web. There is a wide variety of online dating sites available depending on what you are looking for. There are even dating sites for older students.

As an older student at BCC, my own personal experience in dating didn’t happen through Tinder or Cupid but it happened! Dating has given me a new “Stella-got-her-groove- back” attitude. I’m getting educated, but I still have room to date. On Friday nights, I found myself on the couch alone, wondering, “Oh where, oh where is my couch potato friend?” I decided to do a search and found the dating site blackpeoplemeet.com. The cost to be a member was affordable, so I joined. I met interesting, diverse people. Chatting was less boring than the couch, and then I met a match. Even though there was no love connection, I found a new friend. While dating can be a challenge, or even a distraction, many agree that it can also be beneficial. The holidays are here, and as we detach from the stress of school and meet with friends and family, why not explore the possibility of meeting a soul mate? Let’s put dating into action!

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