Going Goodwill Hunting

Thrift Shop Til You Drop


By Zach Adams-Dominik

Do you have a date night coming up and want to look like Don Draper, but your wallet is thinking Jeffrey Lebowski? Do you habitually wear the same pair of jeans so often they’re starting to fall apart? Do you aggressively avoid the mall?

Updating a wardrobe on a college budget can be frustrating. Often, the items you want are too expensive, and the ones you can afford don’t look as good or fit as well. And, because no one wants to Netflix and chill with a guy who isn’t the Dude, but who looks like him, you’ve got to do something to keep your style game going strong.

Consider the thrift store. No, you probably won’t be rubbing elbows with the Bay Area’s elite while shopping, but you will be able to pick up their gently-used goods for a fraction of what they paid.

In the spirit of friendly competition, and an effort to promote the surrounding area, BCC reporters were tasked with finding the best outfit possible for $20 or less at a local thrift store.

Armed with a crisp Andrew Jackson, I set my sights on the Goodwill on University. A veteran thrifter, I deftly maneuvered around the multitude of books and kitchen utensils. Not today, giant blender and Wodehouse anthology; I’ve got clothing to attend to.

I quickly found myself rifling through the impressive selection of donated goods and managed to pick up a polka-dotted shirt and some chinos, while remaining under budget. Pressing my luck, I then ventured over to the jackets. My long, apish arms make it difficult for me to find a decent-fitting coat, so I didn’t have high hopes. But the planets aligned just right; after trying on two, I discovered a wool sports coat that fit like it had been tailored for me. After seeing that it was on sale, I hurriedly threw it into my basket and moved on.

The books were calling me back over to them, so in an attempt to remain under the limit, I made a beeline for the registers. I left the store feeling like a million bucks, even though I had only spent $19.50.

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