Are You Ready To Rock?

BCC Students Share Their Concert Experience 

By Jade Ingersoll

Whether you are an avid concert attendee or have yet to see your first live show, the thought of seeing your favorite artist or band will get your heart racing. There is nothing more exciting than traveling to the venue, purchasing merchandise, and singing at the top of your lungs to your favorite songs. Personally, I’ve seen over 50 live shows, each one unique, but all amazing, I couldn’t tell you who has been my favorite, but my top three would include: Paul McCartney, Green Day, and Ed Sheeran. I reached out to Berkeley City College students to tell me about their favorite concerts and experiences.

Ned Pollock: 90 shows.

Top 3 Shows: Grateful Dead, The Clash, and Bruce Springsteen

What he loves the most about shows: “The Excitement”

If he could bring anyone to perform at BCC it would be: Trombone Shorty

“I’ve seen the Grateful Dead over 60 times. My first time on November 1, 1979. Back then, we had to wait outside a Ticketron outlet (Ticketmaster on the West Coast) all night to get seats. Later, the Dead sold their tickets through mail order. My favorite show was on April 16, 1983. The band was very hot that night. The icing on the cake was when Stephen Stills came out during the second set and performed with the Dead for three songs. Also, at the time, I wanted the band to perform songs I hadn’t seen them perform before, and they really obliged that night.”

How he got into the Grateful Dead: “At first, I just heard the name, ‘Grateful Dead.’ I’d never heard their music, so I assumed they were the meanest, evilest heavy metal band ever created. Then, when I got into high school, my friends started singing, ‘Drivin’ that train, high on cocaine…’ I asked them what that was, and they said it was the Dead. The first time I saw and heard the Dead (no kidding) was when they played on ‘Saturday Night Live’ for the first time. And, what did they sing? “Drivin’ that train, high on cocaine….” The Dead is an acquired taste. I had to be exposed to a lot of their music before I understood what they did. Once I did, however, they became a big part of my life.”

Sabrina Sellers: 20 shows.

Top 3 Shows: Chance the Rapper, Stromae, and Alabama Shakes

What she loves the most about shows: “Everything. There’s no feeling like the one I get when I see live music.”

If she could bring anyone to perform at BCC it would be: Anderson .Paak

Where Sabrina discovers music: “I discover music usually through streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music. My friends and I swap music through them so they’re a huge influence on my library. There’s also a great LA radio station called KCRW that I used to listen to at home that I find some music from. I’m usually drawn to music based on whether or not I can dance to it. I’ve danced for my whole life and music is such a big part of dance that I’ve carried with me. I like music I can groove or improvise to. ”

Marabet Morales: 6 shows.

Top three shows: Lights, Zedd, and Porter Robinson

What she loves the most about shows: “The energy!”

If she could bring anyone to perform at BCC it would be: Lights

“I’ve seen Zedd twice over the last three years when he’s come to the Bay Area to perform. My first time seeing him was at the Fox Theater in Oakland. The second time was at the Bill Graham Civic Center. Both times were amazing but the last time I went was super magical. What was exciting apart from seeing Zedd was that I got to dance the night away with my boyfriend and go home tired and happy!”

Rachael Moore: 15+ shows.

Top 3 Shows: Coldplay, Billy Joel, and The Rolling Stones

What she loves the most about shows: “Being immersed in the music in a community that feels the same way.”

If she could bring anyone to perform at BCC it would be: The National

Rachael has created lifelong friendships through music and going to shows: “My best friend and I met in dance class when we were 14. But we didn’t bond over dance, we bonded over music. The bands at the time were The Fray and Jack’s Mannequin, and we ended up seeing them together a ton times over the span of a few years, and even met both of them (meeting Andrew McMahon was a HUGE deal for me. He was hero status for the entirety of my high school years.) We are still best friends. We’ve fallen in love with so many different artists and gone to so many shows together. She introduced me to the Newport Folk Festival in Newport, Rhode Island, and I flew all the way back to the East Coast last year so we could go together. We have so much more than music in our friendship, but our love for it brought us together, and our memories from concerts are something we really cherish. We’ve grown up, and our music has grown up with us.”

Concerts are magical events that connect listeners and artists. If you have yet to attend a live show, I urge you to do so. If you have been to live shows and love attending them, keep on rocking!


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