Make Easy Money and Shop Ethically

By Summer Vodnoy

Depop is a fresh new app allowing people to clean out their closets and grow their wallets by listing clothes they never wear, instead of letting them collect dust or throwing them away. Some people simply use the app to clean out their closets and be done, while others take it to the next level and use Depop as a full-time job.

Since its start in 2011, Depop has collected 7 million users, with 10 million items listed worldwide. Users like @internetgirl and @yeeshvintage have over 350,000 followers, according to their depop shops, and list new items daily. They use Depop as their main source of income instead of a more traditional job. The app is also a great way to shop ethically for fashionable new clothes.

Created by Simon Beckerman, Depop aims to combine shopping with social media. It’s kind of like Instagram for thrifters. The interface is easy to use and you can like items to save them for later, search for specific items and browse popular items from users worldwide on the explore page. The selling process is easy as well — when someone buys one of your items, you package it, print out the postage, tape it to the package and bring it to the post office. Simple as that. “Depop is much easier to use than other clothing apps,” says Shannon Choi, a Grossmont College student, “and is a great way to clear out your closet.” Choi shared with The BCC Voice that she sold 14 items in the summer of 2017, before she moved to San Diego. It helped her with her moving expenses as well as her college expenses. In her short time using the app, she was able to gain almost 200 followers while decluttering her closet and making bank.

Depop makes it easy to start your own small business. “Depop is my main source of income and what I use to support myself as a high school senior,” says Erika Colunga, a popular Depop seller. In an interview with The BCC Voice, Colunga explained, “Depop helped me pay for all of my needs, like my ACT tests, school supplies and college-related things.” Colunga has gained a following of almost 4,000 people during her two years of using Depop. She started off selling old clothes from her closet and then started to thrift for her inventory. While thrifting, she looks for cute and trendy clothes that she thinks her followers will love. She runs her Depop business all by herself, thrifting the clothes, modeling them and sending out her items. It allows her to make money and accommodate her busy schedule.

“I love the entire process,” says Colunga, “I love modeling the clothing, listing the items, communicating with customers, packaging and receiving feedback. I love making my shoppers happy — it is honestly the most satisfying feeling. I love the customer service that Depop provides, its sense of community and the opportunities it brings my way.” She is a prominent advocate for all the benefits of Depop.

Shannon Choi and Erika Colunga shared with The BCC Voice some insider tips to help increase sales:

  • “Modeling your clothes and having a nice background helps you stand out from other users,” suggests Choi, “and maintaining a unique aesthetic is essential, whether it be through a quirky backdrop or different, unique poses.”
  • “Model when there is bright lighting, around 2 p.m. – 4 p.m.,” Colunga said. Choi suggests modeling “against a cute brick wall or inside your bedroom against your favorite posters.”
  • Colunga also stresses the importance of your description. Add as much detail to your descriptions as possible, and make sure to list all flaws and imperfections so people don’t give you bad reviews. Including the size, fit, and garment measurements really helps to make a good description. Also, including styling suggestions can help the buyer imagine how they might use the item.
  • Choi emphasizes the importance of listing consistently so your shop shows up on the homepage more often. She adds that this is also a great way to gain more followers.
  • Both Choi and Colunga say to have fun with it. Fun pictures and descriptions help you stand out from everyone else.

Depop is not only great for selling your old clothes, but for buying new ones. Users can buy items from popular brands like Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike and Adidas. By purchasing clothes on Depop, you are not supporting fast fashion, but are instead supporting small businesses. You can find specific items on the app for much less than retail price. Instead of wasting money on trends that will be out of fashion in the next couple months, you can buy it for cheap and support young entrepreneurs.

There is a lot to get out of Depop. Whether it’s buying trendy new clothes or getting rid of old ones, you are supporting small businesses, young entrepreneurs and recycled fashion! What more can you ask for? Check out the app on the Apple App Store, Google Play, or at

At the top: The author browses the racks at a thrift shop. Photo Credit: Darcey Davis

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