It’s Called Style

Fashion, Fads & Fun Tips

By Minhal Motiwala

Berkeley is full of wild styles and tame clothing, mom/dad jeans, checkered Vans, distressed tees and oversized jackets. Sound familiar? Are they walking past you as you read this? Not that I’m any different or any more original, but it might be worth it to try creating a more unique, personalized look.

Keeping up with all the latest fashion fads and picking out “trendy” outfits every morning can seem like kind of a chore, so here are a few quick tips on how to look fresh every day, while also putting in a minimal amount of effort.

Tip #1: Make A Statement

“Statement pieces are good, especially if they’re unique,” says Berkeley City College student and savvy dresser Isabel Reyes. “For me, it’s usually my earrings.” A statement piece is often the first thing noticed about an outfit, so when going out in something simple, it could be a good addition to enhance your look.

When going with a comfortable, low-maintenance look, a colorful scarf-turned-headband or a pair of chunky earrings can be the perfect addition to pull together that lazy afternoon outfit. Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf might have epitomized headbands in the early 2000s, but they are back. Colorful sneakers are another popular option. A plain black shirt with black jeans and red sneakers is a fun look. In spring 2018, outfits just look better with a pop of color.

Tip #2: It’s Okay to Be Lazy

Not every day is a good outfit day, and that’s okay. “I like to wear overalls on lazy days,” says Reyes. “It’s like wearing a dress without the commitment, and you still look cute.” Overalls can save the day. Don’t feel like wearing pants? Overalls. Too cold for a dress? Overalls. Need something comfortable? Overalls. Overalls are overall the best thing that’s happened to the fashion world lately, and we should take advantage of that (and they’re great for painting in).

Tip #3: Multi-Colored is the New Black

Colors are never a “no-go.” Walking by someone dressed in a bunch of different colors feels like walking by a beautiful spring day. So be brave and go colorful. Experiment! Try working within a specific color palette. A great way to figure out what colors might go together is to pick a piece of art that has a nice color scheme and follow that scheme.

For example, Keith Haring, a contemporary artist known for his colorful, graffiti-style pop art, used primary and secondary colors in most of his work. One of his most famous paintings, “Ignorance = Fear”, used the colors red, yellow and blue. WHy not take inspiration from his work and incorporate those same colors into your outfit? Aim to look colorful, but not too busy.

Tip #4: Dress Like You

Reyes believes that one should dress for themselves, and if they don’t like trends, they don’t need to follow them. “Dress for yourself; you don’t always have to buy what’s trendy,” she says.

Some trends just aren’t that great and they die out eventually anyway. The nice thing about dressing for yourself and not following fads is that it adds a certain uniqueness to your look that lets your sense of style remain timeless. If we don’t follow trends to begin with, then we don’t need to worry about being out of style.

Tip #5: The Most Important One

Never let time or laziness come between you and your style because when you look good, you feel good, and it’s always nice to feel good!

Utilize these quick tips as a style guide to create a unique, good-looking outfit any day and any time.

Interested in fashion? College of Alameda offers a two-year Apparel Design and Merchandising Program (ADAM) where students can earn an Associate of Arts degree or Certificate of Completion in Fashion Design. In this program, students can acquire the skills they need to enter and work in the fashion industry, while also earning credits eligible for transfer to the University of California and California State University. For more information on enrollment and offerings, check out the Apparel Design and Merchandising page on the College of Alameda’s website.

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