Visual Dhikr

By Maya Kashima

God, graffiti and Gabriel. As a young Chicano in the Central Valley, Gabriel Garay credits graffiti with insulating him from the worst ravages of gang culture. A convert to Islam at the age of 18, it wasn’t until a seven-year prison stint that Garay delved into the religion he had claimed. Now, both graffiti and his Muslim faith have found expression in his internationally-showcased artwork. The BCC Voice joined Garay during a live exhibition to learn more about his past, present and future. Continue reading Visual Dhikr


By Maya Kashima

Under constant threat from the Trump Administration, America’s undocumented immigrants need more support than ever. As BCC’s Undocumented Community Resource Center settles into its new offices on the school’s main campus, co-founder Carolina Martinez reflects on the years-long fight to provide support to some of community’s most vulnerable members. Continue reading Undocumented

Ramen Rundown

Know Your Noodles By Maya Kashima A junk food favorite the world around, instant noodles are a cheap, quick meal perfect for college students. Familiar classics Top Ramen and Cup Noodles can be found at any Safeway, but local grocery stores like Berkeley Bowl, KP Market (Oakland), Tokyo Fish Market (Albany), and 99 Ranch (Richmond, other locations) offer up a wealth of delicious options to … Continue reading Ramen Rundown