A Paradoxical Predicament

By Mana Shimamura
In its pursuit of acceptance, the U.S. falls into a paradoxical predicament. Continue reading A Paradoxical Predicament


The Historic OUSD Teachers’ Strike

By Rhana Hashemi
The historic strike for equitable public education in the Oakland Unified School Districts led by the Oakland Education Association have sparked feelings of loss and betrayal amongst teachers, nurses, therapist and restorative justice practitioners who stood behind the classified union on a picket line for seven-days. While teachers saw some gains in their situations, others found their critical, yet under-served and under-resourced positions in schools, fared no better than before. The momentum of the strike ended with wide-spread disappointment and furthered distrust in the school’s leadership body; meanwhile, the question of who is going to propose meaningful solutions for the district to support the students in achieving well-being and academic success remains unanswered. Continue reading The Historic OUSD Teachers’ Strike

Calling All Punks

Get to know your local music scene 924 Gilman has been a community-run venue for music lovers of all ages to enjoy and be a part of since its establishment in 1986. The organization that operates it considers itself to be a “multi-generational independent collective,” according to their website. Many well known bands, such as Green Day, Operation Ivy and The Offspring played some of … Continue reading Calling All Punks

Steven Czifra on Shakespeare, Solitary Confinement and Marveling at the Ordinary

Many people talk about transformation, but Steven Czifra has actually lived it. After spending many years incarcerated, he emerged as a co-founder of the UC Berkeley student organization Underground Scholars Initiative. In this interview with the BCC Voice, he offers his bracingly honest and intensely political thoughts, ideas and personal recollections.
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