An Arbiter of Taste

By Adam Mann

“The SF Weekly food critic keeps coming out to Oakland and stealing my stories.” Riding the rising wave of the Bay Area restaurant scene, food writer and managing editor for The East Bay Express, Janelle Bitker, has her finger on a special pulse point in our community. She joined our journalist for coffee and a discussion about representation in the restaurant scene, rising rents and relocation, and the logistics of managing, writing and making time to go out and dine. Continue reading An Arbiter of Taste


The Politics of Pizza

By Liz Zarka

We’ve all tried their pizza, but do we know about their politics? The BCC Voice explores the internal workings of Berkeley’s beloved Cheese Board Collective, the Arizmendi network to which it belongs, and their efforts to democratize the workplace. Continue reading The Politics of Pizza

Restaurant Review: Laney Bistro

By Adam Mann Laney Bistro, Chef’s Table special: Red snapper with cilantro-lime compound butter, bacon, roasted corn salsa, and summer vegetables. Photo Credit: Adam Mann It seems like a well-kept secret: I’ve lived near Lake Merritt almost four years and have eaten at most of the restaurants, but I’d never heard of or even noticed Laney Bistro. Maybe it has something to do with the … Continue reading Restaurant Review: Laney Bistro

Ramen Rundown

Know Your Noodles By Maya Kashima A junk food favorite the world around, instant noodles are a cheap, quick meal perfect for college students. Familiar classics Top Ramen and Cup Noodles can be found at any Safeway, but local grocery stores like Berkeley Bowl, KP Market (Oakland), Tokyo Fish Market (Albany), and 99 Ranch (Richmond, other locations) offer up a wealth of delicious options to … Continue reading Ramen Rundown

Making it in the Restaurant Scene

Culinary Arts Programs Prep Students for a Tough Industry By Adam Mann Keeping a restaurant open, especially in the Bay Area, is a tall order. No fewer than 80 restaurants have closed here since December of 2016, according to Eater San Francisco. And while stiff competition amid a renaissance in the Bay Area food scene, rising commercial rent, and the poaching of qualified chefs by … Continue reading Making it in the Restaurant Scene

Paulene Escolar

On Spreading Joy Through Cookies and Hard Work By Angela de Mesa We are living in a time where college students are thinking about their endless career possibilities and how each choice a low- to-mid-20-year-old makes seems detrimental to their entire future. It is nice to discover someone who seems to find her own balance throughout this roller coaster like stage in life. Paulene Escolar, … Continue reading Paulene Escolar

Boba, Why The Mystery?

Uncovering The Ingredients By Angela de Mesa (ABOVE)  Regular sized Okinawa Milk Tea with mixed boba from ShareTea Boba drinks are undeniably tasty and have been around for years. Thankfully, Berkeley is blessed to be a boba center in the East Bay.  Close to thirty options are available within one mile from BCC. This may explain why every day there is at least one student … Continue reading Boba, Why The Mystery?