Meditations on Clay

By Maya Harris
Local ceramicist Kiyomi Koide talks about her passion for clay and the life lessons she has learned from it.

by Maya Harris Continue reading Meditations on Clay

From Community College to Comic Book Artist

By Julie Villanueva
In the tech-driven arena of San Francisco, it’s unorthodox for artists to live in such a fast-moving and busy city. See how one illustrator pushed through. Continue reading From Community College to Comic Book Artist

Promoting Self-Love

By Summer Vodnoy
Beneath the vitriol and vanity of social media platforms is a thriving, often self-made culture of positivity and support. Broadcasting her ideals on Youtube, Instagram and other platforms, Vanessa Manley swirls business, opinion and activism into a distinctly modern concoction. She shares with The BCC Voice her motivations and struggles promoting self-love within a culture of commodification and commercialized beauty. Continue reading Promoting Self-Love