By Summer Vodnoy

It’s like Instagram for thrifters. The secondhand shopping app, Depop, combines social media and commerce, and for some, what started as a side-hustle is now a full-time gig. Continue reading Depop


Oakland Skateboarders DIY

MLK Skatepark Embodies an Idea By Jakob Longcob Skaters use Quikrete and found materials to construct obstacles and features for the park. Photo Credit: Jakob Longcob The Bay Area is a hot spot for skateboarding; it holds a deep and rich skate history and boasts enough skate spots and parks to keep any skater satisfied. Or does it? Although there are at least five government … Continue reading Oakland Skateboarders DIY

Start a Garden in Your Own Space

Nine Steps to Save the Earth and Eat More Healthily By Nina Cestaro Have you ever wanted the satisfaction of growing your own vegetables and fruits? Gardening your own vegetables may sound difficult, but it’s a lot simpler than you may think. My obsession with growing a vegetable garden began a year ago, when a neighbor started a Richmond garden club. I have attended permaculture … Continue reading Start a Garden in Your Own Space