#MeToo Meets BCC

By Liz Zarka
The #MeToo movement is an international campaign, but its effects are felt locally at Berkeley City College. Learn how the movement is forcing campuses to re-evaluate their reporting process. Continue reading #MeToo Meets BCC


Covering California

By Alexander Coates
When he left one of the most prestigious news organizations in the country to create his own daily email newsletter, Mike McPhate and editor Andrew Zahler’s “The Golden Stater” ran into trouble right away. But that hasn’t dampened McPhate’s enthusiasm for the medium nor has it doused his exuberance for the subject of his newsletter, our great state of California. Continue reading Covering California

Straight from the Underground

By Alexander Coates
The path of least resistance is a prison all its own. University of California, Berkeley’s Underground Scholars Initiative is a resource pool for formerly-incarcerated and system-impacted students whose outreach and expansion into Peralta Community College District campuses is facilitated largely by the same individuals it aims to help, but is their model an extension of society’s disdain for deviants? Continue reading Straight from the Underground

Free Tuition

By Adam Mann
Two steps forward… City College of San Francisco has initiated a pilot program that allows students to attend free of charge and Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill that would provide for students’ first year of community college. The BCC Voice examines the unique hurdles to offering free education faced by the Peralta Community College District. Continue reading Free Tuition

Know Your Exit(s)

Keeping Calm and Helping Others During a Campus Crisis By Derek Chartrand Wallace According to a 2014 report titled “Third Uniform California Earthquake Rupture Forecast,” scientists from the U.S. Geological Survey, the Southern California Earthquake Center, and the California Geological Survey estimate that the Hayward Fault Zone (which runs beneath such densely populated areas as Berkeley and Oakland) has a 72 percent chance of a … Continue reading Know Your Exit(s)

Beauty in Their Hands

California Neglects Entire Labor Demographic By Anastasia Le Thuy Thanh Trinh coats deftly trimmed nails with polish at her station. Photo Credit: Anastasia Le. Long hours away from their families, dangerous workplaces that cost them their health, a career choice they would come to regret — this is the story many Vietnamese women share in their search for the American dream. Thuy Thanh Trinh is … Continue reading Beauty in Their Hands

Support Black Business

The Experience of a Black Business Owner in the Bay Area By Doris Kiambati “The new definition of freedom today is self determination,” says prominent entrepreneur John Hope Bryant. History has taught us that Black people in the United States have suffered tremendously under the U.S. government. Black people in the United States have effectively been disenfranchised and disadvantaged; thus affecting Black income per capita … Continue reading Support Black Business