On the cover:

Emily Fromm is a successful artist, painter, and muralist living in San Francisco. Her amazing hand painted work, which depicts various urban landscapes, people and signage are nostalgic representations of the contemporary American West. Her latest exhibit, NO VACANCY, will also contain several paintings of iconic San Francisco locations created for a public art project in conjunction with the San Francisco Arts Commission for San … Continue reading On the cover:

The Threat of Fake News

By Brian Figueroa   Fake news has become prevalent in the media, creating outrage and polarizing American citizens. It can be difficult at times to discern bad journalism from fake news, but the distinction is important. Fake news is being used as a tactic to destabilize the freedom of information in America and undermine the organizing efforts of the underprivileged. People in power make use … Continue reading The Threat of Fake News

Protect Ginsburg, Demand Truth

By Lillian Maheu Many consider “alternative facts” and “fake news” a shocking new trend — but in fact it is a time-honored practice employed throughout the history of journalism in this country. According to Andy Tucher, a professor at Columbia University, “The first newspaper published in North America got shut down in 1690 after printing fabricated information. Nineteenth-century newspapers often didn’t agree on basic facts” … Continue reading Protect Ginsburg, Demand Truth