A Paradoxical Predicament

By Mana Shimamura
In its pursuit of acceptance, the U.S. falls into a paradoxical predicament. Continue reading A Paradoxical Predicament


Straight from the Underground

By Alexander Coates
The path of least resistance is a prison all its own. University of California, Berkeley’s Underground Scholars Initiative is a resource pool for formerly-incarcerated and system-impacted students whose outreach and expansion into Peralta Community College District campuses is facilitated largely by the same individuals it aims to help, but is their model an extension of society’s disdain for deviants? Continue reading Straight from the Underground

Mental Health Crisis

SHOULD POLICE BE THE FIRST RESPONDERS? By Christopher Do   Octavia Court, An assisted living home developed by Brilliant Corners, an oasis of housing for developmentally disabled adults. Photo courtesy of Brilliant Corners. Derek Wallace, a BCC student, was walking down Shattuck when he noticed a man lying down passed out on the corner. Wallace observed a couple of people walk past the man and … Continue reading Mental Health Crisis