Fighting Fire With Fire

By Shannon Lavelle
Fire ecologist and wildland firefighter Dr. Sasha Berleman reflects on her two seasons working on the Redding Interagency Hotshot Crew, Trump’s controversial tweet criticizing forest management, and why California wildfires are getting larger, deadlier and more destructive. Continue reading Fighting Fire With Fire


American Guilt

By Alexander Coates

Kindness and consideration have a place in the courtroom. Well, some courtrooms anyway. The BCC Voice looks at veterans’ treatment courts and asks if the sympathy found there can serve as an example for the treatment of marginalized groups. Continue reading American Guilt

Straight from the Underground

By Alexander Coates
The path of least resistance is a prison all its own. University of California, Berkeley’s Underground Scholars Initiative is a resource pool for formerly-incarcerated and system-impacted students whose outreach and expansion into Peralta Community College District campuses is facilitated largely by the same individuals it aims to help, but is their model an extension of society’s disdain for deviants? Continue reading Straight from the Underground

Mental Health Crisis

SHOULD POLICE BE THE FIRST RESPONDERS? By Christopher Do   Octavia Court, An assisted living home developed by Brilliant Corners, an oasis of housing for developmentally disabled adults. Photo courtesy of Brilliant Corners. Derek Wallace, a BCC student, was walking down Shattuck when he noticed a man lying down passed out on the corner. Wallace observed a couple of people walk past the man and … Continue reading Mental Health Crisis

A Cabinet Full of Fools

The Future of Education and Trump’s Russian Link By Chris Do Illustration Credit: Rory Barber President Trump’s cabinet choices include many controversial people, such as Betsy DeVos, who some fear will gut public education. DeVos narrowly squeaked by her confirmation hearing in a historically unprecedented tie-breaking vote by Vice President Mike Pence in early February, which put down any notion of rebellion within the Republican … Continue reading A Cabinet Full of Fools

Dispelling the Myth

Non-Profit Lawyers on Heart and Soul By Aigerim Dyussenova Jora Trang Managing Attorney At Worksafe Photo Credit: Aigerim Dyussenova Are you interested in helping the homeless, the environment, women, low-income households, veterans, immigrants, or susceptible seniors? Lots of lawyers are, and do. But most nonprofit lawyers don’t fit the stereotype, and they aren’t making the big bucks. The number of hours and energy you put … Continue reading Dispelling the Myth