Pop Politics

By Yasrab Khan

What are you listening to? Behind the rhythm and rhyme of many modern chart-toppers beats a political pulse easily ignored. Our reporter examines the meanings and messages behind some recent popular tracks. Continue reading Pop Politics


Free Tuition

By Adam Mann
Two steps forward… City College of San Francisco has initiated a pilot program that allows students to attend free of charge and Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill that would provide for students’ first year of community college. The BCC Voice examines the unique hurdles to offering free education faced by the Peralta Community College District. Continue reading Free Tuition

Beauty in Their Hands

California Neglects Entire Labor Demographic By Anastasia Le Thuy Thanh Trinh coats deftly trimmed nails with polish at her station. Photo Credit: Anastasia Le. Long hours away from their families, dangerous workplaces that cost them their health, a career choice they would come to regret — this is the story many Vietnamese women share in their search for the American dream. Thuy Thanh Trinh is … Continue reading Beauty in Their Hands

From Mario to Milo

How the Right Wing has Co-opted Berkeley’s Free Speech Movement By Maya Kashima A Milo Yiannopolous supporter engages with onlookers outside the ASUC Student Union following Yiannopolous’ Sept. 24 appearance at Sproul Plaza. Photo Credit: Maya Kashima Generations after its seminal student protests, Berkeley has become the epicenter of a renewed debate over the meaning of freedom of speech. The far-right feels their voices are … Continue reading From Mario to Milo

Life Undocumented

Isabel Hernandez on Immigration in the Era of Trump By Katie McCluer (Names have been changed to protect privacy.) Isabel Hernandez gripped her phone in her right hand as she stared down at the bright screen, unable to believe the words she was reading. Smartphones have this uncanny optimism as they announce you’ve received a new text message with a sunny chirp. This was not … Continue reading Life Undocumented

Berkeley, a Shining Beacon

Mayor Jesse Arreguin on his First 100 Days  By Christopher Do Jesse Arreguin, Mayor of Berkeley, left. Chris Do, staff writer for the BCC Voice, right. Photo courtesy of Chris Do.  As I waited in the lobby of the fifth floor for my appointment with the mayor of Berkeley, Jesse Arreguin, who took office in November 2016, I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of … Continue reading Berkeley, a Shining Beacon

On The Chopping Block

WHAT TRUMP’S BUDGET CUTS COULD MEAN FOR STUDENTS By Derek Chartrand Wallace Photo Credit: Loan Nguyen President Trump has proposed a budget that if approved by Congress will slash $9.2 billion in funding from the Department of Education, according to the White House website. This would force millions of low-income students under the axe and reach all Peralta College campuses. The “America First: A Budget … Continue reading On The Chopping Block

Serve & Protect or Punish & Injure

Militarized Police Use Sonic Weapons Against Opponents of DAPL By Joel Efferson This photo was taken below Turtle Hill on November 24, 2016 while Water Protectors tried to pray while standing off against Morton County and private security. Photo Credit: Dennis F. Martinez Jr. Officer Friendly is dead. Now we have some jackbooted thug in riot gear laughing to his buddies as he shoves his knee … Continue reading Serve & Protect or Punish & Injure