Unconventional Workouts

By Alan Do A Student’s Guide to Fitness Staying healthy can be a struggle for community college students. “I just don’t have any time between my midterms and part-time job,” complained BCC student Joy Oh. “It doesn’t help that the stress of being busy makes me crave desserts!” she added. This is an experience that many students share, as a recent poll conducted by Columbia … Continue reading Unconventional Workouts

Police Brutality in Our Own Backyard

By Rose Hanson How a Traffic Stop Turned Into a Bloody Attack Cases of physical police brutality have swept the nation with occurrences in Chicago, New York, and now San Francisco. In early January, Donovan Reid, a student at BCC, was the victim of police abuse. While delivering food via bicycle in San Francisco, for his employer, Postmates, Reid was cut off by an SFPD … Continue reading Police Brutality in Our Own Backyard

A Filmdog’s Salon

By Nesdon Booth Deadpool Breaking not only box office records, “Deadpool” also breaks new ground in the Marvel universe. Carrying on the comedic spin of “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Antman,” “Deadpool” goes all-in with raunch and profanity. Less the scatologically puerile humor suggested by the trailers, and more a sex-positive, snarky irreverence befitting the digital age, characters spit bad words and commit bad behavior … Continue reading A Filmdog’s Salon


By Regina Moreno Hernandez International Students Speak Out International students struggle to adapt to a new environment while also missing their countries. There is nothing like being home, especially if, for some of them, getting there involves talking a 12-hour flight. However, the diversity of the Bay Area can’t be questioned. It’s a place where people from all ethnicities come to live, travel, study, and … Continue reading Homesick

The F Word

By Lis Arévalo Is Feminism Still A Bad Word? BCC Teachers Speak Feminism has allowed the development of a voice against oppression and sexism. It has been fundamental for achieving equality and freedom, but have we really achieved it? Is feminism still necessary for society? Feminism has been equated with “the F word” because it has a strong meaning, but also negative connotations. Feminists are … Continue reading The F Word