How to Win Friends and Influence Universities…Through Community Service

By Julie Villanueva
Experience Berkeley’s heart and soul by lending a helping hand Continue reading How to Win Friends and Influence Universities…Through Community Service


Big Deal About Tiny Homes

Homeless camps spill out onto the street; underpasses are loaded with stolen tents and makeshift shelters; housing prices are rising. Minimalist living is not so much a desire in a crowded place like the Bay Area, but it is becoming a necessity. The sustainable movement of tiny homes is making waves in Berkeley. Not just as a trendy way to live more with less, but … Continue reading Big Deal About Tiny Homes

Conservation Conversation

Story+ Photo by MEGAN DAVIS Zoos are more than just a place where kids go to gawk at animals in cages, while eating cotton candy. Historically, some zoos were that way, but now they are moving beyond mere entertainment to focus on education and conservation. The East Bay Zoological Society managed the Oakland Zoo until August 2017, when it was named The Conservation Society of … Continue reading Conservation Conversation

Promoting Self-Love

By Summer Vodnoy
Beneath the vitriol and vanity of social media platforms is a thriving, often self-made culture of positivity and support. Broadcasting her ideals on Youtube, Instagram and other platforms, Vanessa Manley swirls business, opinion and activism into a distinctly modern concoction. She shares with The BCC Voice her motivations and struggles promoting self-love within a culture of commodification and commercialized beauty. Continue reading Promoting Self-Love

Mining for Laughs (Not Bitcoin)

By Liz Zarka

For someone of the school of thought that art can be separated from life, comedian Tracy Nguyen is nevertheless endlessly informed by her own surroundings. She is a sex comic who isn’t having a lot of sex and an unsatisfied tech employee that performs for audiences composed largely of techies. Nguyen riffs with our reporter on Andre the Giant, doctors and orthopedic surgeons, solving homelessness in San Francisco and other topics comedians are completely unqualified to cover, but must if we’re all to keep our heads. Continue reading Mining for Laughs (Not Bitcoin)

Living Life to the Fulton-est

By Matthew Strickland

The world will never be the same. “Tech” has become a gluttonous behemoth, devouring our culture, our cities and the aspirations of our youth. Addressed to students considering a career in the field, our reporter interviews Todd Fulton, an integration architect at PayPal with 25 years invested in the tech industry. His reflections on fulfillment and legacy sketch a cautionary tale, which warrants consideration. Continue reading Living Life to the Fulton-est