The Problem with Fast Fashion

Story and Photo by: Megan Davis The planet is deteriorating at an alarming rate, but conscientious consumers can make a difference. Many people don’t think about where their clothes are made, what they’re made from, or the conditions of the workers. Yet, these are important questions to consider. According to Hawthorne, a clothing brand in the UK, the fashion industry is the second most harmful … Continue reading The Problem with Fast Fashion

From Community College to Comic Book Artist

By Julie Villanueva
In the tech-driven arena of San Francisco, it’s unorthodox for artists to live in such a fast-moving and busy city. See how one illustrator pushed through. Continue reading From Community College to Comic Book Artist

Big Deal About Tiny Homes

Homeless camps spill out onto the street; underpasses are loaded with stolen tents and makeshift shelters; housing prices are rising. Minimalist living is not so much a desire in a crowded place like the Bay Area, but it is becoming a necessity. The sustainable movement of tiny homes is making waves in Berkeley. Not just as a trendy way to live more with less, but … Continue reading Big Deal About Tiny Homes

Conservation Conversation

Story+ Photo by MEGAN DAVIS Zoos are more than just a place where kids go to gawk at animals in cages, while eating cotton candy. Historically, some zoos were that way, but now they are moving beyond mere entertainment to focus on education and conservation. The East Bay Zoological Society managed the Oakland Zoo until August 2017, when it was named The Conservation Society of … Continue reading Conservation Conversation