Paulene Escolar

On Spreading Joy Through Cookies and Hard Work By Angela de Mesa We are living in a time where college students are thinking about their endless career possibilities and how each choice a low- to-mid-20-year-old makes seems detrimental to their entire future. It is nice to discover someone who seems to find her own balance throughout this roller coaster like stage in life. Paulene Escolar, … Continue reading Paulene Escolar

Your Local Bootlegger

On Serving the Community By Devisadaria Duchine-Khauli A small, wiry guy came up to me at the Berkeley Flea Market about five years ago, and asked if I wanted to buy pirated movies. Some years later, this same guy opened up a small store. Clean and well-maintained, the store sells average things like bath soaps, laundry detergents, fabric softeners, toothpaste, clothing, shoes and socks. But … Continue reading Your Local Bootlegger

Ollie Ehlinger

On Managing the Fight Against Poverty  By Axel Stanovky Ollie Ehlinger Esq. is a manging attorney at Legal Services of Northern California (LSNC), a non-profit providing free legal services to help the poor. I talked with Ehlinger about his work, and the intersection between law and poverty in our society. As I understand it, LSNC primarily works to provide free services to tenants who need … Continue reading Ollie Ehlinger

Maurya Kerr

On the Intersectionality of Dance and Social Change By Sabrina Sellers Last year, as a member of the Training Program with Alonzo King’s Lines Ballet I spent the year quietly admiring the ferocity of former Lines dancer, artistic director of tinypistol, and social change warrior, Maurya Kerr. As a teacher for the Training Program and the Lines BFA Program with Dominican University, Kerr shared with … Continue reading Maurya Kerr


On Existential Ideas By Nicolas Vargas The summer of 2015 I encountered the ethereal and energetic sounds of Worn-Tin, pseudonym for Warner Haitt, a 22 year-old multi-instrumental singer-songwriter from Los Angeles. A close friend of his that I met from school passed me the baton of sonic bliss, and since that day I’ve been hooked. His last album, “Thanatophobia”, was played, written, recorded and mixed, … Continue reading Worn-Tin

Dara Lorenzo

On Her First Solo Show in Oakland  By James Dennehy Original artwork by Dara Lorenzo I met Dara Lorenzo, an Oakland-based printmaker and artist, at Studio Morey (located at 5500 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Oakland) where her works are currently showing to inquire about her thoughts on art school, Baltimore, and the influences of her unique medium: Mono-type printmaking. I see that you attended the … Continue reading Dara Lorenzo

Congresswoman Barbara Lee

On Her Commitment to the 13th District  By Sabrina Sellers The 13th congressional district of California is dutifully represented by Congresswoman Barbara Lee, who has been an integral part of the Bay Area’s social and political movements since her days as an undergraduate at Mills College and graduate student at UC Berkeley. Along with fighting for the interests of the diverse residents of the East … Continue reading Congresswoman Barbara Lee