The Future Is Trump

4 BCC Students Reflect on What This Election Means to Them By Sabrina Sellers (Above) Illustration Credit: Remy Carreiro  In one of the biggest upsets in political history, Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, on November 8, 2016. The win was victorious for those who supported him, but devastating for those who disagreed with his fear-mongering campaign fraught with xenophobia, racism, misogyny, … Continue reading The Future Is Trump

BCC vs. Laney College

What’s The Difference?  By Alizza Smith When it comes to community college, students have different opinions about which local campus they prefer. While there are four community colleges within the Peralta district, including Berkeley City, Laney, Merritt, and College of Alameda, I am only going to talk about BCC and Laney College. I conducted an anonymous survey of twenty BCC and Laney College students to … Continue reading BCC vs. Laney College

Surviving The Pain Medication Epidemic

A Cautionary Tale By Lucia Wara-Goss After they wheeled my roommate out on a stretcher, I wondered out loud to the remaining roommates in our living room, “Why did she randomly decide to shoot drugs?” I live in a dual diagnosed independent living home, the name of which I cannot repeat. We all have mental health and substance abuse issues, hence the dual diagnosis. And … Continue reading Surviving The Pain Medication Epidemic

86 Years on Planet Earth

Life Lessons From a Cancer Patient By Rose Hanson (ABOVE)Adele Hanson before she was diagnosed with cancer. She loved to spend time with family and play the harp. Adele Hanson is a retired teacher. She is a graduate of UC Berkeley and Pacific Grove. She spent twenty plus years as a teacher, including time as the Director of Early Education at Contra Costa County Community … Continue reading 86 Years on Planet Earth

The Perks of Being a Student

Discounts and Offers By Devisadaria Duchine-Khauli When considering tuition, the cost of living, books, and transportation, being a student can be expensive. But don’t despair, collegian, because there are perks to being a student, and the offers listed below are just the tip of the iceberg. If you’re unsure if a company offers discounts, just ask. What’s the worst that can happen? One of the … Continue reading The Perks of Being a Student

The Bay Area Alternative Press

Cult of Boredom By Axel Stanovsky Nestled away in a beige, masonry building on Alcatraz Avenue in Berkeley, the corpse of a cold-war “cult” limps into the future long after the death of its founder. Their name is the National Labor Federation (NATLFED), although they front as the Bay Area Alternative Press (BAAP) in Berkeley, the Western Service Workers Association (WSWA) in Oakland, and various … Continue reading The Bay Area Alternative Press

Goodbye To The Greats

The Losses of 2016 By Cecilia Majzoub Including the mystical artist Prince, powerful pro-wrestler Chyna, vibrant activist Alexis Arquette, eccentric performer David Bowie, and existential poet and musician Leonard Cohen, 2016 has been filled with the passing of idols who have infiltrated our hearts and made their marks on history. Although each of these colorful human beings continues to spark a massive impression, this is … Continue reading Goodbye To The Greats

Co-Ops Vs. Frats

The Search for the Ideal Party Scene  By James Dennehy Berkeley is dominated by two major party scenes: The Fraternities of UC Berkeley and the independent, co-ed Berkeley Student Cooperatives. These two scenes are rigidly isolated with minimal crossover between their patrons. Hopefully these guidelines will help you make up your mind about where you’ll enjoy yourself the most. CO-OPS Recommended party: Stebbins, Casa Zimbabwe … Continue reading Co-Ops Vs. Frats

Kid Cudi and Hyper-masculinity

Dismantling the Relics of Hip-Hop Past  By Nicolas Vargas Hip-hop is a cathartic means of self-expression reflecting the Black reality in a raw and unrefined way. In terms of mental health, that same exposition of reality, falls short. Talking about clinical depression and/or suicide, in healthy ways has never been mainstream music fodder. In the ’90s, high-profile hip-hop artists like Eminem, DMX, Scarface and Notorious … Continue reading Kid Cudi and Hyper-masculinity