The Politics of Pizza

By Liz Zarka

We’ve all tried their pizza, but do we know about their politics? The BCC Voice explores the internal workings of Berkeley’s beloved Cheese Board Collective, the Arizmendi network to which it belongs, and their efforts to democratize the workplace. Continue reading The Politics of Pizza

Stoppered in Glass

By Alexander Coates

A block behind the gourmet ghetto, in a small backyard cottage, Berkeley’s resident “nose” has curated a history of her craft. The Aftel Archive of Curious Scents places the profound and provocative beneath visitors’ noses and says ‘Here, smell this!’ Continue reading Stoppered in Glass


By Maya Kashima

Under constant threat from the Trump Administration, America’s undocumented immigrants need more support than ever. As BCC’s Undocumented Community Resource Center settles into its new offices on the school’s main campus, co-founder Carolina Martinez reflects on the years-long fight to provide support to some of community’s most vulnerable members. Continue reading Undocumented