Ramen Rundown

Know Your Noodles By Maya Kashima A junk food favorite the world around, instant noodles are a cheap, quick meal perfect for college students. Familiar classics Top Ramen and Cup Noodles can be found at any Safeway, but local grocery stores like Berkeley Bowl, KP Market (Oakland), Tokyo Fish Market (Albany), and 99 Ranch (Richmond, other locations) offer up a wealth of delicious options to … Continue reading Ramen Rundown

Beauty in Their Hands

California Neglects Entire Labor Demographic By Anastasia Le Thuy Thanh Trinh coats deftly trimmed nails with polish at her station. Photo Credit: Anastasia Le. Long hours away from their families, dangerous workplaces that cost them their health, a career choice they would come to regret — this is the story many Vietnamese women share in their search for the American dream. Thuy Thanh Trinh is … Continue reading Beauty in Their Hands

Broken Windows Bike Share

GoBike’s Rocky Path By Stephanie Miller Ford branded GoBikes have appeared all over the Bay Area’s trendiest neighborhoods. Photo Credit: Stephanie Miller Motivate’s GoBike program (the “Ford Bikes” as they’re commonly referred to) is easily recognizable by Berkeley residents. Signs include long rows of vibrantly painted bicycles where there were none before, decreased parking in front of local businesses, increased vandalism and commuters with questions. … Continue reading Broken Windows Bike Share

Oakland Skateboarders DIY

MLK Skatepark Embodies an Idea By Jakob Longcob Skaters use Quikrete and found materials to construct obstacles and features for the park. Photo Credit: Jakob Longcob The Bay Area is a hot spot for skateboarding; it holds a deep and rich skate history and boasts enough skate spots and parks to keep any skater satisfied. Or does it? Although there are at least five government … Continue reading Oakland Skateboarders DIY