Denver Is the New California

Johnathan Starrling Wins at Life By Zach Adams-Dominik Jonathan Starrling is a jetsetter. In the past five months alone, he has flown to four different countries in four different continents, and multiple major cities throughout the United States. I’m told he once caddied for Justin Timberlake, wears $2,000 shoes, and has been clinically determined to be addicted to sex. He’s a friend of a friend … Continue reading Denver Is the New California

Welcome to Latin

An Interview with John Piazza By Taima Dugan John Piazza is a teacher of Latin at Berkeley High, beloved by students for his accessible teaching, and his recognition that teenagers, although they sometimes act like a different species, should nevertheless be treated as human beings. Piazza grew up in the Bay Area, and after going to Maybeck High School, attended the Dominican University in San … Continue reading Welcome to Latin

Life on Shattuck Ave, Berkeley

An Interview with Laylane By Marcus McAlpin Outside of a Starbucks, I couldn’t help but notice the colossal contrast between the wealthy students having a late coffee, and the woman sitting across the table from me. Laylane, a 19-year-old homeless person residing in Berkeley California, had no problem in engaging in an in-depth dialogue regarding to her well being as a street-dwelling person. Her dark … Continue reading Life on Shattuck Ave, Berkeley

The World Traveler

Adventures of a Landscape Architect By Regina Moreno Hernandez It was the year 1965. Achva Benzinberg Stein had no more than $70, but after hearing about the Free Speech Movement in Berkeley, she bought a one way ticket on the Greyhound bus from New York to Berkeley. After 4 years, Stein graduated from UC Berkeley as a Landscape Architect. A Fellow of the American Society … Continue reading The World Traveler

The Artist’s Soul

Judy Juanita: Activist, Writer, Teacher By Lis Arevalo Since 1993, Judy Juanita has helped many students in the process of starting reading and writing in college. She is an English Instructor at Laney College and her passion is writing, and also teaching reading and writing through literature. Maybe not all her students know she is also a writer who has written essays, poems, plays and … Continue reading The Artist’s Soul

From Refugee to Successful Business Owner

Pete Raxakoul on Immigration, Racism, Bicycles, and Cheese By Rose Hanson (ABOVE) Pete Raxakoul’s parents, aka “Mom and Dad” work at the Country Cheese located at 2101 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley Known around the Gourmet Ghetto for owning not one, but four locations of cheese specialty stores. Peter Raxakoul the owner of Country Cheese Co. better known as Pete, is taking the East Bay by … Continue reading From Refugee to Successful Business Owner

We Have the Technology

Bay Area Reporter Explores Technological Advancements in Sensory Perception By Patrick Kruger Kara Platoni is a journalist, author, and lecturer at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. She spent eight years as a reporter for the East Bay Express, two years as senior editor of the environmental magazine Terrain, and, between reporting projects and teaching, co-hosted The Field Trip Podcast, which focused on science … Continue reading We Have the Technology

Griffin House: A Folksinger’s Journey From Ohio to Nashville

BCC Voice Interviews (Spring 2016) By Louis Do A lone singing voice accompanied by an acoustic guitar recalls a simpler time, of campfires and frontier homesteads. In 2016, Nashville-based folksinger and songwriter Griffin House carries on these traditions with touches of modernity thrown in. House’s music can best be described as dynamic, for his subject matters can range from themes about wartime, to failed relationships, … Continue reading Griffin House: A Folksinger’s Journey From Ohio to Nashville