Oakland’s Monthly Street Party

A Celebration of Art, Food, and Community Every First Friday By Zach Adams-Dominik “First Friday is something that we can share and take pride in as a community,” says John Mardikian. “It’s a chance for everyone to express themselves and embrace the creativity that Oakland provides.” Mardikian is the owner of the Telegraph Beer Garden, a local hot spot that participates in First Friday, a … Continue reading Oakland’s Monthly Street Party

What Nourishes BCC Students?

Tips to Save Your Wallet From Starving Because of Your Hungry Stomach By Regina Moreno Hernandez Tired of spending hundreds of dollars on groceries? The BCC Voice went on a hunt to find the best prices for the food students want. If paying for college isn’t expensive enough, college students face another problem: eating healthy on a budget. Food prices in the Bay Area are … Continue reading What Nourishes BCC Students?

Bay Area Housing Blues

A Student’s Struggle to Live (Comfortably) By Alan Do At 2:00 a.m. in a random Berkeley neighborhood, a blue Toyota Prius sits parked among many other cars. The difference between this car and the others is that a Vietnamese-American student is sleeping in it. This is the predicament I found myself in recently, after struggling to find affordable housing near BCC. With asking prices soaring … Continue reading Bay Area Housing Blues

Hip-Hop Aesthetics

Materialism or Self-Expression? By Marcus McAlpin Visual appeal has always played a major role in the hip-hop machine, but now it seems the aesthetically pleasing aspects of an individual can surpass their musical talent. Airy synthesizers, auto tune, hypnotizing melodies, $1500 jeans, dyed hair, gold teeth, drug addiction, Caucasian women—these elements, among many others, have become an industry standard aesthetic for a new wave of … Continue reading Hip-Hop Aesthetics

Palm Oil

The Problem in the Palms of Our Hands By Rose Hanson Palm Oil is in products ranging from ice cream to laundry detergent and even lipstick. Growing and processing palm oil is destroying third world countries as well as the environment. For example, hundreds of sacred rain forests have been destroyed in places such as Indonesia, South America, West Africa, and Australia, just to name … Continue reading Palm Oil

Yes Means Yes

Redefining Consent By Mia Dirito Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean?” and Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” are just a few examples from pop culture that show society’s serious misunderstanding of consent. As a young woman in college, I have seen first hand the measures we are expected to take in order to prevent being assaulted in such a harmful rape culture. On September 28, 2014 … Continue reading Yes Means Yes

Behind Company Lines

Bay Area Reporter Investigates the Sharing Economy From the Inside By Patrick Kruger (ABOVE) Trautman, in one of many such photos posted on social media to improve his chances of being hired for sharing economy jobs. The recent explosion of app-based startups—detailed in Spring 2016 Issue 1 by staff writer Louis Do (“Bringing the Business”)—has consumers celebrating new-found convenience and those in the tech industry … Continue reading Behind Company Lines

Spring 2016 Issue 2 Cover

Featured Artists ON THE COVER: Dan Schmatz is a space creature in disguise as a man creature, but DON’T tell anyone. He landed in Oakland from planet New Jersey 6 years ago and still can’t fix his ship. Works with ink and markers to make illustrations which are then collaged with Earth Magazine media snippets. He has produced artwork for bands and websites that have … Continue reading Spring 2016 Issue 2 Cover

All Hands on Deck

By Sharon Gibbons (ABOVE LEFT) Nicole Beadle, EBRPD Wildlife Intern, plants new plants at Elsie Roemer. (ABOVE RIGHT) Golden Gate Audubon volunteers clean up trash at Arrowhead Marsh. Enjoy nature in some beautiful local settings; volunteer to plant native plants, pull weeds, and clean up trash during the week or on weekends. Relax and enjoy the fresh air, while helping sponsoring organizations, such as East Bay … Continue reading All Hands on Deck