Kickin’ it With the King of Cannabis

Lozelle King on Homegrown Happiness By Derek Chartrand Wallace King is a fixture at the Cannabis Buyers Club of Berkeley (CBCB), but this medicine man is also an artist and raconteur. Photo courtesy of Derek Chartrand Wallace  It’s one week before 4/20—the largest counterculture holiday in North America that celebrates the consumption of the devil’s lettuce in all its varied forms. If he’s stressing about it, … Continue reading Kickin’ it With the King of Cannabis

Naturally Punny

Johnny Pujol on Passionate Business and Being a Nontrepreneur By Alex Burt Photo courtesy of Johnny Pujol Many a bibliophile finds solace lost between the pages of a new book with their hands cupping an aromatic cup of tea. In fact, Johnny Pujol has built an entire business, NovelTea Tins, around crafting premium blended teas and housing them in witty tins that are artfully designed … Continue reading Naturally Punny

Multimedia for the People

Rachel Mercy Simpson on Teamwork and Community at BCC By David Laidig Rachel Mercy Simpson (left) discusses video editing concepts with students Asekang Ojoi (on right) and Tennessee Reed. Photo courtesy of David Laidig A press release announcing the 2017 Faculty Innovation Award of the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) for Rachel Mercy Simpson was succinct: “Since 2009, Simpson has been instrumental in transforming … Continue reading Multimedia for the People

Tackling the Student Achievement Gap

BCC Librarian Heather Dodge on Taking a Holistic Approach  By Tamara Sherman Photo courtesy of Heather Dodge Being a librarian is not just about loving books and enjoying reading. In her fourth year as a BCC Librarian, Heather Dodge, views her position more holistically on campus. She incorporates teaching, relationship building, counseling, and being of service. She recently sat down with the BCC voice to … Continue reading Tackling the Student Achievement Gap

Life Undocumented

Isabel Hernandez on Immigration in the Era of Trump By Katie McCluer (Names have been changed to protect privacy.) Isabel Hernandez gripped her phone in her right hand as she stared down at the bright screen, unable to believe the words she was reading. Smartphones have this uncanny optimism as they announce you’ve received a new text message with a sunny chirp. This was not … Continue reading Life Undocumented

Berkeley, a Shining Beacon

Mayor Jesse Arreguin on his First 100 Days  By Christopher Do Jesse Arreguin, Mayor of Berkeley, left. Chris Do, staff writer for the BCC Voice, right. Photo courtesy of Chris Do.  As I waited in the lobby of the fifth floor for my appointment with the mayor of Berkeley, Jesse Arreguin, who took office in November 2016, I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of … Continue reading Berkeley, a Shining Beacon

Six Word Story Contest Winner

By Nichelle Pete   Six word story: Pain makes you a normal superhero.       Nichelle Pete graduated from UCLA with a BA in English and a minor in Education. She is currently taking creative writing classes at Berkeley City College. Nichelle loves writing poetry and short stories. Her goal is to one day be paid to write, watch TV, and shop.      Continue reading Six Word Story Contest Winner

Staying Fit

SHORTCUTS FOR STUDENTS By Aigerim Dyussenova Dani Arruda Feres, Certified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer. Photo Courtesy of Gabriel Hamsi  Living in East Bay on a minimum wage, being a student and having two or three jobs is not something hard to imagine. How do students get by? Cut the daily expenses and minimize any extra activities such as gym memberships. Tacos at a taco shop … Continue reading Staying Fit

Fund Your Study Abroad Trip

DON’T LET BARRIERS STOP YOU By Tamara Sherman Jarrett Wright in Nice, France with UC Berkeley’s summer 2016 study abroad program. Photo courtesy of Jarrett Wright.  If you could study abroad, where would you go and what would you study? A semester in Italy to study art, in Germany to study politics, or in Japan to study media? Students dream of studying abroad, but perceived … Continue reading Fund Your Study Abroad Trip