What’s In A Name?

THE LITTLE KNOWN HISTORY OF BCC By David Laidig Photo Credit: David L. Laidig Berkeley City College’s current building has been in use for 10 years, but few know the full story of the college, which started in 1974 as the Berkeley Learning Pavilion. For many years the Berkeley community pushed Peralta Community College District (PCCD) to establish a full-scale junior college in Berkeley. At … Continue reading What’s In A Name?

On The Chopping Block

WHAT TRUMP’S BUDGET CUTS COULD MEAN FOR STUDENTS By Derek Chartrand Wallace Photo Credit: Loan Nguyen President Trump has proposed a budget that if approved by Congress will slash $9.2 billion in funding from the Department of Education, according to the White House website. This would force millions of low-income students under the axe and reach all Peralta College campuses. The “America First: A Budget … Continue reading On The Chopping Block

Young Moms Speak Out

SMASHING STIGMAS AND GETTING DEGREES By Alex Burt Photo of Burt and Daughter courtesy of Brook Christensen at Camera Shy I had my daughter at twenty-one. When most of my friends were just starting to explore the bar scene, I was exploring mommy-and-me classes and trying to navigate the hierarchy of the Bay Area mom scene. I didn’t have a brand-name pregnancy; I wasn’t pushing … Continue reading Young Moms Speak Out

Mental Health Crisis

SHOULD POLICE BE THE FIRST RESPONDERS? By Christopher Do   Octavia Court, An assisted living home developed by Brilliant Corners, an oasis of housing for developmentally disabled adults. Photo courtesy of Brilliant Corners. Derek Wallace, a BCC student, was walking down Shattuck when he noticed a man lying down passed out on the corner. Wallace observed a couple of people walk past the man and … Continue reading Mental Health Crisis

Spring 2017 Issue 1 Cover

ON THE COVER: Bri Lamkin is a western Colorado based artist. She received an Associate’s Degree from Brigham Young University – Idaho with an emphasis in photography. She has been behind a camera for over ten years. Her recent work is primarily collage and attempts a lighthearted approach to discussing heavy topics such as mental health, feminism, and earth conservation. See more of her work … Continue reading Spring 2017 Issue 1 Cover

Serve & Protect or Punish & Injure

Militarized Police Use Sonic Weapons Against Opponents of DAPL By Joel Efferson This photo was taken below Turtle Hill on November 24, 2016 while Water Protectors tried to pray while standing off against Morton County and private security. Photo Credit: Dennis F. Martinez Jr. Officer Friendly is dead. Now we have some jackbooted thug in riot gear laughing to his buddies as he shoves his knee … Continue reading Serve & Protect or Punish & Injure

Violent Protest: Does it work?

Berkeley Protest Against Milo Yiannopoulos Takes a Violent Turn By Katie McCluer    Graffiti on Walgreens (Left) and smashed windows at Mechanics Bank. Berkeley, CA (Right) Photo Credit: Katie McCluerPhoto Credit: Katie McCluer Black Bloc protesters crashed the UC Berkeley protest, smashing in the windows of corporate businesses such as Wells Fargo, Starbucks and Chase Bank in the midst of downtown Berkeley on Feb. 1, … Continue reading Violent Protest: Does it work?

A Cabinet Full of Fools

The Future of Education and Trump’s Russian Link By Chris Do Illustration Credit: Rory Barber President Trump’s cabinet choices include many controversial people, such as Betsy DeVos, who some fear will gut public education. DeVos narrowly squeaked by her confirmation hearing in a historically unprecedented tie-breaking vote by Vice President Mike Pence in early February, which put down any notion of rebellion within the Republican … Continue reading A Cabinet Full of Fools